By trade, I am a wedding photographer. I imagine that most people think I simply show up on your day, photograph your wedding, go home, and move on to the next client. 

But they don't see our late night texts where I assure you it'll all be okay. They're not with us when we meet for drinks to make timelines but end up talking more about life. They don't notice our eye contact during portraits when I remind you to breathe.  

They definitely don't see when I stand in your childhood bedroom with your mom as she proudly shows me photos of you on a happy but somewhat difficult day for her. They're not in the room when I photograph you reading a letter from your late grandmother and cry with you because my hard rule in life is that no one cries alone.

And they don't know that I smile every time I see something new and wonderful happen in your life. Or how excited I am when you're a guest at another wedding or if I run into you downtown. They don't know that I carry you in my heart long after you stand in front of my lens. And I do. I'm on your team for life.

what my clients mean to me

what i get to do for my clients is one of the biggest honors of my life.

- Rachel

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