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You've got the camera skills, now you just need to master the business side of things. Mentorships cover workflow, social media, networking, marketing, sales, and more! It includes two 2-hour in person one-on-ones, and two 30-minute video/phone chats.

Phone/video chats are for the photographer who isn't necessarily looking for camera help or mentorships, but wants to pick my brain on business, client experience, or work through editing/workflow/business issues over an hour long chat.

Camera 101 is for novices wanting to learn how to use their camera out of auto AND for newer photographers who are learning just that, but need a little help. Mastering how to use your gear is not an easy task but as you get more comfortable and knowledgeable, it starts to feel like second nature! I'll help you along that journey. Camera 101 includes one 30-minute video/photo chat and one 1-hour guidance shoot. 

Every single one of my former interns have gone on to run incredibly successful businesses of their own and I could not be more proud.  We are currently accepting applications for this year. Want details? Shoot me a direct email at

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