So you may have noticed…Rachel Spears got a new website, a new logo, and an entire new look! I am so, so excited about this brand overhaul. In 13 years, it’s only the 2nd time I’ve done it and I think it’s fair to treat it like the first since this time I went with a professional!

(Note: Always go with a professional.)

Why a brand overhaul? Wasn’t I proud of the last one?

I have always been proud of the work I’ve done and the relationships I’ve fostered through my professional journey. But to be honest, I didn’t really have a brand before this. I had a logo – which was my name written out in my own handwriting (which I loved) but that was it! When it came to the website, or promotional materials, or anything else – anything went. Any color, any look so long as I slapped that signature of mine on it.

And the brand I’ve given my blood, sweat, and tears (Not being dramatic – it has cost me much of all 3! Ha!) to build deserved better than that. Since I put my heart into my work and into my relationships with you, it deserved to feel like me, to feel familiar, to feel intentional.

Enter Kaleigh Turner Creative.

She asked me a million questions. She got a feel for who I am and how I feel about this company and my clients. She saw the colors I was drawn to (Which, by the way, is the exact color scheme of my home. So if you ever come over for bourbon or coffee, don’t be surprised to sit in an emerald chair and see gold accents everywhere!) and implemented them so beautifully. Her expertise showed me that what I said I wanted didn’t exactly line up with the choices I was making and she was right. Every time. In the end, she developed a complete branding for me that is just the most Rachel Spears thing I could have asked for.

(Another note: Always trust the professionals.)

So now the Rachel Spears brand looks different. But is the experience different?

Sure it is. It’s intentionally better!

Relationship is still the very most important thing to me. It’s what leads us to gorgeous, comfortable, intentional images. It’s what leads to heirlooms. And that’s what we’re capturing, right?

There’s a quote I love. “We never noticed the beauty because we were too busy trying to create it.”

Well, I notice the beauty. I notice the beauty during your portraits. I notice beauty during quiet moments with your mom early in the day. I notice beauty in tears during speeches at your reception. I notice the things you don’t because there’s so much happening as you experience one of the best days of your life.

And those moments of beauty that I notice become your heirlooms. They’ll be looked at fondly on anniversaries. They’ll show up on social media on your bridesmaids’ birthdays. They’ll be treasured when life hurts. And they’ll sit framed in a different venue years and years down the road when you sit hand in hand in the first row of another wedding.

Creating that for you? Becoming your friend? Investing in you? That will never change. In fact, I feel as passionate about it as ever.

So, I’m proud today of a rebrand that finally feels like me. I feel like I’m welcoming myself home. Like it has been every single time for the last 13 years, it would be one of my greatest honors to notice the beauty and help create your heirlooms.

To the next 13 years.

The future is bright. And it’s lined in emerald and gold.



  1. Kelly says:

    Beautiful! So proud of you and touched by your words.

  2. Jess Porter says:

    Just sitting in a pool chair on vacation, crying over the line “when you sit hand in hand in the first row of another wedding.” So proud of what you’ve done and what you have ahead. 😘

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