just a fair warning, i’m probably going to suck at this.

like, really suck.

i mean, if you’re looking for a photographer’s blog where i spotlight all of my clients and talk about tips and stuff, i’m telling you now, i’m just going to suck. 

every day, i get on social media and see my friends killing it – instagram posts every day for their businesses, blog posts every week {or more!?} and i know i’m supposed to be doing that, i know every guru out there would be telling me to, but i just can’t be who i’m not. 

and that’s not me.

{disclaimer: just because it’s not be doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. i’m super proud of them. for real.}

i’m an oversharer. i’m a line blurrer. professional rachel is pretty much the same as everyday rachel {maybe with less swearing. maybe.}. i can’t post a picture from one of my weddings with an Anais Nin excerpt. like, i just can’t. 

but i can probably be a little raw. a little honest. i’ll definitely be sharing photos that mean something to me. i’ll definitely be documenting life, and since my lines are blurred, that includes this work life of weddings. so if you’re on board for that, and are prepared that i might blog 10 times one week and then not a word for 4 months, i hope you’ll stick around. 

cause i’m a lot of bad things. but i’m a pretty good writer and a damn good photographer. and i’d love to share both of those things with you.





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