first, i would like to note that i said i was going to be bad at blogging. and would you look at that? i am. 🙂 oh well, tis better to blog 4 times a year than to never have blogged at all. or something. 

we are so much closer to summer than it feels {especially at the moment when it’s 44 degrees and rainy}. and the next 2 months are going to fly by. summer is a big time for us here. we start our wedding season this week and our last wedding of the year is…..december 29th…with a whole lot of that work being in those prime warm months. aside from weddings, i always have a TON of family/senior/kiddo sessions in the summer because hello? it’s beautiful.

you know what i don’t get to do a whole lot in the summer anymore? go to reds games. which is like, my favorite thing to do on the face of the earth. i don’t get to go to the pool much. i bought my new house last spring and told everyone i was going to have a backyard BBQ in the summer to celebrate my new home. i didn’t. there wasn’t any time for that. i can’t drive up to my sister’s or grandmother’s or down to my brother’s because in the summer, i have at least one session pretty much every single day. i formally started my side biz last year. but there’s not much time to actually get in the shop and build anything to sell. and my clients? they’re waiting on me longer than they should to turn around photos because i have so, so, so many to cull and edit. 

that sounded a lot like complaining. i promise, it isn’t. it’s just reality. one i have to change.

i want to {on a WHIM – which isn’t possible at all for me in my current way of life}, spend an entire summer evening on my back porch with friends i texted that same day to come over to grill. 

and guess what?

you should do that too. 

you should go to reds games {for the love of pete rose, they’re gonna need us.} you should take your kids to smale park to play in the water. you should have an impromptu walk with your neighbor {especially if they have a pool cause then you’re totally gonna get invited}. you should visit your mamaw more, too.

i thought long and hard about how i was going to do that. how i could do right by my clients, and my family + friends, and myself {okay, and my dogs} and still provide the best experience for those clients, the most present version of myself for my family + friends, and enough of the solitude and quiet that my soul needs – without anyone losing.

now, that’s going to take some major disciplines in my personal life, but that’s for another blog. as far as this business? i’ve found a way.

outside of weddings, engagement sessions, and boudoir sessions, {which will also have specific days of availability as well}, i will only do ONE lifestyle session {family, senior, kiddo, etc} on tuesdays and ONE lifestyle session on thursdays every week. 

that’s it.

2 lifestyle sessions a week this summer. i won’t have to rush off from you for another shoot. you’ll have my total attention. we can go anywhere in the city you want. we’ll have everything planned together beforehand and i won’t get the ideas of two sessions confused because – well you’re it for me that day. she naps at 10? cool, we’ll start at 1. it’s gonna be 99 degrees? morning session, here we come. it’s your day. i’ll come to your home. we’ll go downtown. the kids can end the session with ice cream and the pictures will be messy and memorable and delivered to you in a couple days, instead of a couple weeks. it’ll be different. 

i’ll be different.

i am different.

so that means starting June 13th and going through September 28th, i’ll be strict to this schedule 🙂 and you need to be on that schedule. 🙂 some of you have been with me for so long, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming along this journey with me – in fact, July marks 10 years. i can hardly believe it. maybe you’re new to me? come be a part. you might hire me to be your photographer but i’m going to make you be my friend. just ask anyone else. 🙂 

want to get on the schedule? have more questions about what these lifestyle sessions look like? think you have time but then it’s gonna be august and you’re gonna want to be on my september schedule but can’t?? 🙂 {guys. it happens every year.} shoot us an email.

thanks for being with me as i constantly evolve as a photographer, but more importantly – as a person. and as always, thank you so much for allowing me the honor of photographing you + yours. 

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