in addition to being a pretty awful/awesome nsync song {that i just got stuck in your head, #sorrynotsorry}, these 4 words are basically what weddings are about. right? two people making a promise to share their lives, families and friends promising to support and encourage, groomsmen promising not to get sloppy drunk {let’s just be honest here}, and so on and so on.

it’s about promises from your vendors too. and not just the ones made in the contract between us.   

I promise to become BFF with your bridesmaids. 

i promise that i will cry when your dad sees you. 

cross my heart, hope to die, I will get chill bumps up and down my arms at your first kiss.

all those details you worked so hard on? I promise to help you remember those {but hopefully not remember how many hours you spent with a hot glue gun}.

and this moment with your dad? i got you.

i promise to fawn over your dress. just. trust me. i’m gonna do it. I’ll probably be dramatic about it.

i promise to flip out over your jewelry and shoes. and well, basically, everything you’re wearing. you’re gonna be like “k, rach. you think I look good. noted.” 

I promise to ask all your friends to get as close to you as they can so you can always remember your friendships exactly as they were that day – carefree and loyal.

I promise to give your family beautiful photos to fill frames they’ll show off to their friends for years.

…and I promise to eat some macarons. especially if you made them yourself. 

your sisters fighting to the end to catch your bouquet? I promise to capture that.

and whenever we have some time together – just the two of you and me – whether before the ceremony or after, I promise to let you be yourselves.

and after all the promises you’ll make, your family and friends will make and yes, i’ll make – there’s one more from me. I promise that I won’t go home from work the day of your wedding and never care about you again. I won’t forget your name or your face. I won’t cash my check and just file you away. how do I know this? I’m 11 years in and i haven’t broken that promise yet. 

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