“the deep roots never doubt spring will come.”

– marty rubin

it’s been like super cold.

if you have facebook, you know this. people love to talk about the weather – that didn’t change when we stopped talking face to face and became addicted to screens. #cynic

spring’s here now. at least for this week. did we actually doubt it would come? maybe you did. which would be weird cause, like, eternal winter’s aren’t a thing here. 🙂 i doubt you did though. you were just probably like me – frustrated it wasn’t here yet. and cold. super cold.

“that is one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more springs.” – anne of avonlea

if you don’t know this about me, i have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. this is probably the most annoying thing about me {that or ordering pizza with me and all i eat is cheese so then you have to only get cheese and you’re like “it’s fine. really.” but in actuality, you’re like “omg stop eating like a 6 year old.”}. i find meaning in everything. i see the bigger picture always. i find a deeper meaning in the most shallow of things.

and for me, there’s something about waiting for spring. outside, most everything dies in the winter months. literally dies. because it’s so cold, we often retreat to our homes, limiting our interactions with each other. when the temperatures dip low enough to hurt, we’re sad for the ones left out in it. when the snow piles up, we peek through the blinds earlier than we would normally get up to see if the salt trucks have been out yet. frustrated, we sit on highways in the dark, wishing the temp on the dash said something like 65.

i’ve had full years of winter.

not the weather. the suffering. the waiting.

in fact, once upon a time, i lost everything I thought i needed to be happy.

that winter lasted about 2.5 years.

but then spring came.

sure as the sun, it came.

we might have to wait longer than we want sometimes for flowers to bloom. yeah, it’ll snow in april on occasion. life will suck. our life winters can last. my god, can they last.

but hold on just a little bit longer.

cause spring always comes. and life always gets warmer.

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