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remember that jack johnson song? better together? i always loved that line – “a shoebox of photographs with sepia-toned loving.” to me, it felt like nostalgia explained.  i read something the other day on reddit that actually broke my heart. i mean it. It was one of those stop-me-in-my-tracks and i-hate-that-i-ever-had-to-grow-up moments. ready for this? brace […]

a box of photographs.

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first, i would like to note that i said i was going to be bad at blogging. and would you look at that? i am. 🙂 oh well, tis better to blog 4 times a year than to never have blogged at all. or something.  we are so much closer to summer than it feels […]

I’m doing summer different this year. and so should you.

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just a fair warning, i’m probably going to suck at this. like, really suck. i mean, if you’re looking for a photographer’s blog where i spotlight all of my clients and talk about tips and stuff, i’m telling you now, i’m just going to suck.  every day, i get on social media and see my […]

i’m probably not going to be good at this.

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