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If you’re not familiar with the story of my friend, Nancy, go read this blog first. My courageous, loyal, hilarious, talented, and wise friend, Nancy Dawson, died of cancer on April 27, 2020 at 5:53pm. She lived far longer than they thought she would but that was Nancy – never taking too well to being […]

It’s a cry day.

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years ago, when i didn’t take an opportunity to say something to someone and then lost the chance forever, i made a decision. i would say things i felt when i could. i would tell people what they meant to me, what i was thankful to them for, and how much i loved them – […]

i am not going to wear pink for you.

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i told you all i would be terrible at blogging. and here i am. terrible at blogging. what can i say – i’m a woman of my word. but i’m so glad you clicked on this one. i hope you read the whole thing. i started to talk about this on our instastory last night […]


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“the deep roots never doubt spring will come.” – marty rubin it’s been like super cold. if you have facebook, you know this. people love to talk about the weather – that didn’t change when we stopped talking face to face and became addicted to screens. #cynic spring’s here now. at least for this week. […]


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