i told you all i would be terrible at blogging. and here i am. terrible at blogging. what can i say – i’m a woman of my word. but i’m so glad you clicked on this one. i hope you read the whole thing.

i started to talk about this on our instastory last night but i decided that writing it down would be better – for me and for making sure it reached as far as i wanted it to! so here we go:

one of my best friends in the world, casey, has 3 daughters and i spend a lot of time with them. my nieces aren’t local and their aunts aren’t either so our relationship is special. they are my constant entertainment, that’s for sure! i would do anything for them. and i believe they believe that.

their story is just that: theirs. i’m sharing a little about it here because i know my audience: i know i have one and i know how they’ve shown up before. the short story is this: blake, their oldest daughter, is 15 and on friday, was diagnosed with lymphoma. today, they received their treatment plan. she starts fighting medically next week. she started fighting mentally right away.

i’ve spent the better part of the last few days feeling pretty helpless. and then feeling annoyed with myself for feeling helpless. 🙂 being in a family that has repeatedly been in need during medical crisis myself, i know the rule of sally spears (my mom). “don’t ever say ‘let me know if there’s anything i can do’. see what needs done and do it.”

(that’s pretty good advice, by the way.)

so how i can help? i’ve already started my list. how can you help? well. that’s what’s brought us here.

a cancer diagnosis should not financially cripple a family. that it does here in our country is so incredibly frustrating and heartbreaking. there are already other friends & family creating ways for people to help. this is ours.

that new lifestyle session i announced last week – remember that? sold some discounted ones, gave one away? gonna give another away.

what do you have to do? buy your chance to win it – with the money going directly to the glover family. the session’s value is $500. $25 gets your name in the drawing to win it. you can surely buy more chances than that if you’d like – but that’s it. $25. i’ll draw a winner on saturday (the 8th).

i heard my mama’s words several times yesterday. “do what you see needs done.” i heard them when i sat with blake on the couch last night. she needed to feel 15. so we looked at snapchat filters. 🙂 and i heard them when another friend called to pass along some advice about financial programs at CCHMC. “raise a little money to help.”

so that’s what we’re doing.

if you’d like to purchase a chance to win the lifestyle session, click HERE. you can do so through friday at 11:59pm.

this is very much blake and her family’s journey. but i’m sure as hell going to walk it with them. thank you for coming alongside as well. we’re all we’ve got. and i’m very grateful that i have all of you.

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